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Today, in today’s article, we will discuss and write an essay on an expression of science for the fifth grade of primary school. This article will present all the elements of expressing science and the importance of science and its role in national success and development.

The importance of science and scientists

Knowledge is the basis for building society because it is one of the indispensable foundations, and just like food, drinks, housing and other necessities of life, the importance of science lies in the fact that it eliminates ignorance, poverty, illiteracy and disease. retarded and reactive.

An educated person can create for himself a social place and provide him with many opportunities to help him continue to live, achieve his goals and achieve his ambitions, and an educated person can help himself in facing many problems and finding the best. .

The importance of knowledge in Islam

Islam requires from us a lot of knowledge and the necessity of learning in many places, and the first thing that the Qur’an revealed to our master Muhammad was Surah Kalam, which commanded him to study. Teaching with a pen can teach people what they don’t know. “God Almighty is faithful, and this Qur’an fully proves the value and importance of knowledge.

Elements of the theme of an expression of science
Introduction to the subject of scientific expression in the fifth grade of primary
Science and the world.
The importance of science and scientists.
The importance of science in Islam.
field of science.
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The importance of science for individuals and society

Introduction to the topic of an expression of science in the fifth grade of primary
Science is the primary factor in personal and social development, through which we access all new things, while science is the opposite of ignorance, which makes people unable to develop and stay in their place, and knowledge is light, and ignorance is darkness. Therefore, we must strive in science and learn in every possible way to achieve our goals and achieve our ambitions.

Islam urges us to seek knowledge, because Islam emphasizes the necessity of knowledge for every Muslim man and woman, and considers it one of our duties, and man has reached the highest level in the world, just as man does what he does. He wants, and the reward is like the reward in the future, because knowledge and the pursuit of it is worship.

Science enables people to understand its Creator and true religion, and by studying the various sciences, the miracles in the Qur’an can be achieved. Science is the real weapon that every sane person must arm to clarify it. Keep it away from ignorance and darkness, and reject oppression and injustice.

Science plays an important role in the lives of individuals and nations, because science is very important in educating the soul, so knowledge can improve his standard of living and achieve the happiness he desires, because science greatly helps in eliminating personal poverty and the unemployed, and obtaining good opportunities in his life.


Science is one of the necessities of life, it enables people to confront diseases by discovering new things in the world of medicine and medicine, which makes society stronger and establishes society through it in many ways, such as architecture, industry, and development. in many scientific fields such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and social sciences.

We must attach importance to science and education, for an educated person is certainly not equal to an ignorant person, so the characteristics of an educated person are his mature thinking, a polite way of dealing with others, and the interests that benefit him. his and his country. Therefore, society, its family and itself must pay attention to the pursuit of knowledge to develop the country and provide a bright future for us and our children.


Science is a mixture of different sciences that a person studies at different stages of his life, which includes psychology, sociology, mathematics, physics, biology, technology and various other sciences, because each science has its different fields and fields. Man specializes in the specialized knowledge he uses and masters, after which it is passed on from generation to generation.

The most important advantage of science is that it does not favor specific individuals or groups, but rather presents facts in a simple scientific way so that everyone can easily understand them, just as science excels because it is unaffected. Or the person who studies it’s objectivity that he knows.

science field

Science includes many fields, including medical, mathematics, logic, life sciences, and social sciences. All of these areas can help people build themselves and build communities around them. For example, science is the path to the rise and development of a country.

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Science is the basis of our life, and there are many branches of science, including:-

First: world sciences
They are sciences related to purely physical issues and also related to the study of all matters of life, and this type of science includes:

Physical sciences are the sciences related to energy and everything related to it, and also includes the study of the size, weight, and mass of the physical universe.
Earth science is the science related to the study of the Earth and all of its phenomena, including astronomy, meteorology, and geology.

Social science is the science that studies the social relationships between people and the interpretation of their phenomena, including psychology and sociology.
Biology, this type of science involves the study of the relationship between living things and their properties, and this type includes zoology, biology, and botany.
Second: Religious sciences
Religious sciences are those sciences that are concerned with the study of belief, its rulings, and its control, including the Qur’an, the sciences of the Sunnah, jurisprudence, interpretation, and Islamic history.

The importance of science for individuals and society
Science plays an important role in the lives of individuals, society and nations, and its importance is reflected in the following points:-

Science improves the status of individuals and enables them to reach the highest positions and social status.
Science helps man to understand the truth of things, because it is the only way to show the truth, because it reveals the inside and the outside.
Knowledge can train the human spirit, so the learner is famous for his good manners and elegant conversations with others, which makes him highly respected among people.
Science has made significant contributions to improving people’s living standards.
Science helps to get rid of bad habits and convince people to give up these habits.
Elimination of poverty and unemployment: an increase in the number of educated people means an increase in the enlightened thinking of people to provide good and basic solutions to social problems such as unemployment and poverty.
Science frees man from the problems he faces in life, and even enables him to turn these problems into strength.
Eliminate diseases by discovering and inventing new drugs for diseases, and discovering all that is new in medicine and medicine.
Science contributes to the progress and progress of society.
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