Transfer period between local banks 2022

Transfer period between local banks 2022

The transfer time between local banks varies according to the laws and agreements of each bank in each country, but it usually does not take much time. In some banks, the transfer is completed in a few hours, while for other banks, the transfer will be completed. It may take more than an hour. The time of day, the time period is highly dependent on the type of conversion you are going to do, and since this is important and means a lot of people, we are going to explain all about this conversion.

Fees paid when transferring between local banks

The fees vary according to the method of transfer, and because a large number of people transfer money regularly, we have to know the fees charged for these services.

The value of the fees calculated during the transfer process varies according to the transfer time between local banks, and the transfer time varies according to the bank and method of transfer.
Since each bank charges different fees when transferring money to another, but these differences are not very significant, we will explain in general the average fees charged for transfers between local banks, and not based on a particular bank depending on the cost.
As mentioned before, sending money via bank transfer is free.
For transfers by bank transfer, the minimum fee is 4 Egyptian pounds, while the maximum amount is 75 Egyptian pounds, and this fee will be charged if the transfer is made from another account in the same bank.
As for transferring funds from one bank to another, the fee is ten pounds with a minimum and three hundred pounds as a maximum.

Transfer between local banks

The bank usually transfers money in the traditional way the next day, but only if the transfer is from one local bank to another local bank in the same country (not abroad), but in the case of a private transfer, if it is a fast transfer, then the funds will arrive on the same day It is possible that another person received the funds during the working hours of the bank to which the funds were transferred.

The period also varies according to the time of the transfer, which means that if the payment is made at 3:30 pm, the other bank that made the transfer will not be able to pay the money until the bank transfer. On the second day, if the transfer was made before the hour, the transfer bank will be able to withdraw funds on the same day at 3:30 pm.

Note: It is worth noting that there is a specific grace period after the grace period, and no one else can exchange the money transferred to him, and the grace period is one month, meaning that the money transferred from the local bank has the grace period. The other can only take one month and stay in the bank. After this time period, the person transferring the money can get the money back.

How to transfer money between local banks

All banks provide services to their customers without exception, so that each customer can benefit from the services he wants, and among these services the most important service is the transfer of money from the local bank to any place in another local bank. Province or region of the country.

It is worth noting that there is more than one way to transfer money from one bank to another, so we will explain them all in the next line.

1- Transfer by bank transfer
Transferring money by remittance is one of the most popular ways to transfer money between local banks, so it is one of the most important ways to transfer money for customers to others.
In the process of receiving transfer funds by bank transfer, the transferee does not need a bank account, the most important difference from this method is its simplicity and security.
In this way, the bank will fully comply with the term of the transfer between local banks, and the transfer will not be delayed until the time specified by the bank employees when the transfer is made.
Note: It is worth noting that the simplicity of this method is that when the transferee receives money other than his personal card, he does not need anything other than the transfer number that will be provided to the supervisor. Bank employees accept wire transfers.

2- Transfer by bank deposit
As we all know, bank transfers are not limited to bank transfers, there are other methods designed to provide customers with multiple options. Therefore, people can transfer money through bank deposit services. This is a service that all banks can use. It happens if two banks are local, i.e. in the same country.

However, it should be noted that this method requires both the transferor and the transferee to have a bank account, and if one of them does not have an account, the previous method mentioned above can be used.

However, although the requirement is that the two people have a bank account to transfer money between them, this service is completely free and fast, because the other person can receive the money at the same time during the bank’s working hours, so this method is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transfer money.

3- Using an ATM to transfer and collect money
You can head directly to a bank branch for routine withdrawals and deposits, wait in line for a long time, and then head to the nearest ATM, because ATMs have been widely used and cover all regions and provinces, so we can use them to finish any banking transaction, such as Transferring money by depositing into someone else’s account.

You can transfer money from your personal account to someone else’s account in the following ways:

Go to an ATM that operates nearby.
Add the four-digit password to your bank account.
Then select another account deposit service from the dropdown menu in front of you.
Next, enter the amount you want to send to another account.
Then enter the bank account number of the person you want to send
You will then receive a message confirming the success of the transaction and the transfer of funds to the desired account.
You can then redeem your card.
4- Sending and receiving remittances from the bank
Below we will explain to you the method of transferring or depositing using a bank branch, and we will explain to you the method of receiving a bank transfer or transferring money from the bank, and here are the details:

First, the deposit process
Go to the nearest branch of the bank you want to transfer.
Please go to one of our authorized personnel to collect deposits clients.
Then, the employee will immediately use two methods to help you successfully complete the transfer. Bank transfer method is a method that does not require a bank account, or it can be through bank transfer. In this case, you must provide the other person’s account number to the employee and the amount will be transferred to his account.
Second, the receiving process
Those who wish to receive wire transfers go to the nearest bank branch.
His card number and bank transfer account number appear.
After the employee confirms receipt of the bank transfer, he will hand the money over to you and attach a receipt stating that you have received the full amount.
We reviewed with you the duration of the transfer between local banks 2022, the method of transferring between local banks, the method of using an ATM to transfer and receive money, and we also know how to transfer and receive transfers from the bank, and we also understand: the fees paid when transferring money between local banks, please be sure to help you and waiting for your inquiry.

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